One80 helps you find the space that’s the ideal fit for you and your people.

We’ll be right with you to negotiate the details, terms and long/short-term considerations of lease or purchase of commercial real estate. If you need design help to make the property what you really want, we’ll usher in a design team to maximize the potential and minimize the cost of all physical aspects of your space.

If you decide to fit-out or renovate space, our SOTA team can help you evaluate your options and handle all construction services. You can take a look at a project portfolio by visiting their site.



We will work with you to establish a vision for your search and discuss what your ideal space requirements look like.


As your ambassador, we originate a search and work with landlord reps or property owners to research the best possible fits in the market.


Once we find a space that appeals to you, we evaluate all environmental factors that may positively or negatively impact your experience in the space.